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On Sunday, June 1, 2025, we will commemorate National Cancer Survivors Day®. NCSD is the day each year that we pause to honor those who are living with a history of cancer for their strength and courage. It is also a day to acknowledge the contributions of their families, friends, and healthcare providers, as well as those engaged in cancer research.

For millions of people living with cancer, National Cancer Survivors Day® is a treasured Celebration of Life observed annually on the first Sunday in June*. As an NCSD event coordinator, you have the honor of bringing this worldwide celebration to your community.

Who is a cancer survivor? 

Anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life – is a cancer survivor, as defined by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation.

What is the official NCSD theme? 

The official NCSD theme is A Celebration of Life, but you can personalize your event however you like. Check out our Themes page for some “themespiration.”

What are the official NCSD colors? 

To promote a unified image, the official event colors are PMS #186 red, PMS #286 blue, and white.

What does the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation do? 

The nonprofit NCSD Foundation supports hundreds of hospitals, support groups, and other cancer-related organizations that host NCSD events by providing free guidance, education, and networking. Through NCSD, the Foundation works to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors by educating the public on the issues of survivorship.

Getting Started: 7 Steps to Planning a Successful Survivors Day Event

To help you plan your local NCSD event, we’ve put together 7 simple steps to organizing a National Cancer Survivors Day Event.

Start with Step 1: Register Your Event

*Official NCSD events should take place on the first Sunday in June, if feasible. Otherwise, all official NCSD events must be held during the month of May or June.

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