Sample Letters

You can create personalized letters to key people who can help with your NCSD event by replacing the bracketed material in the templates with local names and data about your event. Make follow-up phone calls, especially one week after sending the letters. (Do not use these sample letters in present form.) 

Sample Letter Requesting Support (Word or PDF) Send this letter to the mayor, governor, county executive, president of city council, director of hospital or cancer unit, support group leader, clergy, merchant, media contact, or other leader to request support for your NCSD event. Include a proclamation with other information such as a press release, fact sheets, logos, and PSAs (see examples of these below). 

Sample Proclamation (Word or PDF) To help promote National Cancer Survivors Day, try to obtain a proclamation from your mayor or governor. Sometimes the mayor or governor is willing to attend the event and read the proclamation. If not, he or she may be willing to send a representative. This sample proclamation may be used as a guide for drafting a proclamation for your area. Send the proclamation with a letter requesting support (above). 

Sample Letter to the Editor (Word or PDF) Use this template to draft a letter to the local media, informing them of your upcoming event. Replace bracketed material with local names and data. 

Sample Press Release (Word or PDF)  Replace bracketed material in this template to include local names and data. 

Sample Media Advisory (Word or PDF) Place last-minute reminder calls and fax or email a Media Advisory to all media contacts one or two days prior to your event. Replace bracketed material in this template with local names and data. 

Sample Public Service Announcement (PSA) (Word or PDF) Include start and stop dates on this template for radio announcements. This sample offers a selection of announcements with different running times.

Step 3: Pick a Location

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