Step 6: Order Official NCSD Merchandise

2021 Merchandise Catalog is here!

Every good party needs souvenirs. When cancer survivors attend your virtual or in-person event, give them something to remember it by with official NCSD merchandise. From practical items like keychains and hand sanitizer, to commemorative buttons, our Merchandise Catalog has a variety of items that cancer survivors will love.

And don’t forget about the NCSD t-shirt. It’s the one must-have item in our catalog. Survivors will wear it with pride on Survivors Day and for many days to come.

The nonprofit NCSD Foundation helps you avoid the hassle and added expense of trying to find and purchase merchandise by acting as your collective buying agent, supplying you with quality products at a low price. The extended deadline to order merchandise is April 8Download the 2021 Official Merchandise Catalog. Use your Visa, Amex, Discover, or MasterCard to simplify ordering. 

*If you’ve missed the deadline to order, we have ordered extra. Please email us or give us a call at 615-794-3006 for details.

Note:  By displaying the NCSD logo on t-shirts, cups, banners, and other official NCSD merchandise, you will be helping to add visual continuity to the NCSD Foundation’s national promotional efforts.

Step 7: Spread the Word

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