The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation has compiled a roster of compelling speakers for National Cancer Survivors Day® celebrations and other cancer-related events throughout the year. 

For Speakers

How to Join Our Speakers Bureau Roster

When is the application deadline?

Speakers Bureau applications can be submitted throughout the year, but to be considered for the next edition, please submit your application by September 1, 2025.

What does it cost to be part of the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster?

Nothing! Speaker listings are 100% free. Additionally, the Foundation does not take any portion of the speaker fee.

What do speakers get from being included?

Joining the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster is an excellent way for motivational speakers to connect with the cancer community. This online Speakers Bureau Roster will be offered free to cancer-related organizations, support groups, hospitals, and cancer treatment centers who are hosting National Cancer Survivors Day® events in their communities.

How do I apply?

It’s simple, just fill out our application form. You can do so online, or download the form and email or mail it to the Foundation. 

Download Application Form: (Word format) or (PDF)

Mail to: 
National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation  
P.O. Box 682285
Franklin, TN 37068-2285

Email to:

Tips for Public Speakers

Have a website.

Now more than ever, your digital presence is important! Most people research public speakers online before contacting them, even those who are part of a Speakers Bureau. Your website is a space for you to showcase your credentials and speaking skills, as well as give potential clients an easy way to contact you. 

To show people what you bring to the table, share testimonials from past clients on your website. If you have video clips from previous speaking events, include them on your website as well, or post a link to your YouTube channel. 

Have essential information readily available.

When someone reaches out to you about speaking at their event, do you have easy-to-access info to send them? Here are a few things we recommend having on hand to provide upon request:

  • Speaker One-Sheet (a single-page document that explains your topics and expertise and lists your contact details and rates)
  • Headshot(s)
  • Biography 
  • Audio/Sound Requirements
  • Speaking Fee and Details

For NCSD Event Coordinators

Finding a Public Speaker for Your NCSD Event

A great speaker may be just what you need to add some oomph to your National Cancer Survivors Day® celebration. Luckily for you, the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster includes contact information for nearly 275 keynote and motivational speakers, celebrities, and medical professionals who are available for in-person and virtual NCSD events. 

Whether humorous, inspirational, or informative, a guest speaker is the highlight of many NCSD events. Consider inviting a local or national celebrity who has been affected by cancer to share their story. Have a healthcare professional give an update on treatment advances, offer advice for coping with side effects or emotional issues, or discuss complementary therapies. Or invite an author of a cancer-related book to speak and hold a book signing. 

To find the perfect speaker for your NCSD celebration, register your event to gain online access to our exclusive NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster (located on our Downloads page). There is no cost to register your event.

How to Choose the Right Public Speaker for your NCSD Event

Consider the type of event.

The speaker for your National Cancer Survivors Day® event can make or break the experience. There is more than one type of speaker, and selecting the right person takes careful consideration. 

Who is your audience? What is the overall tone of your event – joyful, educational, inspirational? You want someone who not only fits with the tone of your event but will also connect well with your audience. 

Know your budget.

The cost of hiring a professional speaker can vary significantly. Though many factors may come into play when determining costs, it essentially comes down to the speaker themselves.

At the bottom end of the scale, fees may run as low as a few hundred dollars. However, on the upper end, experienced speakers who are seen as celebrities or major industry figures may have fees that are much higher.

Keep in mind that you may also be responsible for paying your guest speaker’s travel fees, accommodations, and agency commissions (if you book your speaker through a booking agency). 

Kelley Sweet Photography

Do your homework, but start early. 

Review the speaker’s website and/or social media pages. See if you can find videos of past presentations and speeches. Also, look for testimonials or ask the speaker for their professional resume.  

Reach out to the speakers on your shortlist as early as possible. 

Consider a local speaker.

To help with your budget, look for a local (or nearby) speaker so you don’t have to pay extra for travel and accommodation fees. The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster has a state-by-state listing to help you find a professional speaker near you. 

Be comprehensive with your request.

Think thoroughly about what you want from your keynote or guest speaker and what will be important for the speaker or entertainer to know. 

  • Do you want a meet and greet, or a Q&A, as part of the appearance? Make sure to ask ahead of time.
  • If booking an author, will there be a book signing? Or space for a merch table?
  • Does the speaker need to know anything about the location? 
  • How much time have you set allotted for the speech or presentation?
  • Is the speaker clear on what type of speech is to be presented?

It’s important to set expectations and work out contract details well in advance of your National Cancer Survivors Day® event. The more details you finalize ahead of time, the more smoothly your event will go.

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