Speaker Spotlight – Looking for a Speaker for Your National Cancer Survivors Day® event?

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Selecting the right person takes careful consideration. You want someone who fits with the tone of your event. Do you want someone funny? Or is your event educational? Would you prefer a national celebrity or someone local? You should also keep your budget in mind when booking a speaker.
NCSD is on Sunday, June 6, 2021. Register your event now at ncsd.org/register.

Speaker Spotlight

We’ve highlighted four speakers below out of the almost 300 that are included in our Roster.

Kat Cressida

Disney, Marvel, and ESPN celebrity voice actor Kat Cressida was told in 2012 she would not survive the deadly sarcoma nestled under her brain, and if she did, she would never speak again. Undeterred, this 1 in 10 million survivor underwent massive facial reconstruction and rehabilitation and is now dedicated to using her famous voice as a keynote speaker and patient advocate. With her recent trauma recovery TEDx Talk going viral, Kat is leveraging her incredible triumph over cancer to inspire, uplift, and change coverage within the healthcare system. Kat is an ambassador for MakeCancerLessScary.com and a proud member of SurvivorNet.com.
You can learn more about Kat at KatCressidaSpeaks.com.

Marie C. Zoutomou-Qunitanilla, MBA

Marie C. Zoutomou-Qunitanilla is a nine-year survivor, believer, wife, mother. She is also the founder of MarieZQ Ministries, a motivational speaker, author, and the host of a weekly radio show, “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry” on KKLA. She has been a volunteer speaker for the American Cancer Society for eight years. After surviving cancer, she began to pursue her dream motivating and inspiring others to find hope, faith, strength, and to push beyond their limits. You can learn more about Marie at MarieZQ.com.

Tom Hulsey

In 2015, on his birthday, Tom was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Having lost his best friend to prostate cancer the year before, he was ready to give up. The first step in his battle was to hold on to his winning mindset. After his surgery, he set goals including the IRONMAN World Championship and walking his daughter down the aisle. Tom has now turned his focus to cancer education and advocacy and helping others dealing with life challenging obstacles. He is a Board member of ZERO Cancer, peer reviewer and mentor for the DoD’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs and board member at the N. TX Prostate Cancer Coalition. Tom authored THE WINNING MINDSET THAT SAVED MY LIFE; 100% of the net proceeds benefit cancer research. You can learn more about Tom at TomHulsey.com.

Saranne Rothberg

Saranne is a stage IV breast cancer survivor who will captivate, entertain, motivate, and inspire you. Over one million people at 1,800 events around the world have attended her laughter-rich, interactive, award-winning events, digital workshops, and keynotes. Featured by OprahDr. Oz, Good Morning America, PBS, Fox, CNN, New York Times, and Coping magazine, Saranne has won many awards. She has spoken at the NIH/NCI, United Nations, World Health Org, Harvard, Stanford, Komen, Gilda’s, NCSD events, and American Cancer Society walks.

Saranne founded ComedyCures.org from her chemo chair in 1999 to share hope, comedy, and laughter. Sliding fee available. You can learn more about Saranne at Saranne.com.

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