Step 3: Pick a Location

While many NCSD events are held at hospitals and cancer centers, don’t be afraid to get creative with your location. Check out local parks and sports venues, or maybe hold a Main Street block party. Other prime locales include hotel ballrooms, conference centers, churches or synagogues, art studios, waterfronts, and local schools, universities, and community centers. 

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Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your event location:

  • Your Crowd  Make sure the location you choose is large enough to accommodate your expected attendance. 
  • The Weather  If you’re planning an outdoor event, you’ll want to provide shaded areas where guests can cool off. Consider preparing an alternate indoor location in case of bad weather.
  • Travel and Parking  Make sure your location has plenty of parking space. You may also want to enlist a shuttle service to transport guests to and from your event. To encourage optimum attendance, pick an easy to find location that is near your treatment center. Provide clear driving directions and set up signs or balloons pointing the way. You don’t want anyone getting lost.
  • Permits and Insurance  Check with your local city officials to see if you need to obtain any special permits to hold an event in your desired location. Each city has its own rules and regulations regarding public events and large gatherings. And some locations have additional requirements. Depending on your location and event, you may be required to have insurance coverage. Check on adding a one-day rider to your existing insurance coverage, or purchase a one-day policy available from most insurance companies. 

Step 4: Choose a Theme

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