Need a Keynote Speaker for Your NCSD Event? We’ve Got You Covered

The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster Can Help You Find a Great Keynote Speaker for Your National Cancer Survivors Day® Celebration

A keynote speaker can help set the tone for your National Cancer Survivors Day® Celebration of Life. To help you find the right person, the NCSD Foundation has put together a useful tool – the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster.

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The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster has contact information for nearly 300 local and nationally recognized celebrities and keynote speakers who are available for in-person and virtual NCSD celebrations. However, the Roster is available only to people hosting registered National Cancer Survivors Day® events.

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We’ve highlighted four speakers below out of the almost 300 that are included in our Roster.

Charlie Lustman

Charlie is a motivational singer, speaker, and cancer survivor who has been sharing his musical message of overcoming difficult life challenges ever since he graduated from the chemo chair back in 2007. Charlie composed songs about his journey during his 11 months of chemo with a vision to share his music with everyone touched by cancer in America. With his brightly painted “love” guitar, Charlie has been on the road visiting hospitals, cancer centers, conferences, and survivor events throughout the USA, on a mission to support those going through the journey. Charlie says, “it’s not about how much time we have on the planet, but what we do with the time we have – so let’s enjoy the ride!” You can learn more about Charlie at

Charlene Wheeless

Charlene Wheeless leads her namesake consulting firm and serves as the senior advisor, equity and justice at APCO Worldwide, a global advocacy company. She is a renowned communications professional, author, speaker, and advisor, and has received numerous awards including being named among the most influential professionals in public relations and The Network Journal’s Most Influential Black Women in Business. In her debut book, You are Enough! Reclaiming your Career and Your Life with Purpose, Passion and Unapologetic Authenticity, she chronicles her corporate climb as a Black female and her courageous fight with cancer.You can learn more about Charlene at

Daniel Stolfi

Daniel is an actor, writer, comedian, and author of The Comedian vs. Cancer, who is an established speaker, storyteller, and patient advocate. In 2008, at the age of 25, Daniel was diagnosed with acute non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer requiring two years of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. Through his ongoing battle with the disease, Daniel created his simultaneously heartwarming and hysterical Canadian Comedy Award-winning one-person show Cancer Can’t Dance Like This. Daniel uses larger-than-life characters, stand-up comedy, and personal journal entries to share his story in a unique and empowering way, proving that laughter is the best medicine. You can learn more about Daniel at

Cynthia Hayes

Cynthia Hayes, author of The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer, is a survivor, peer mentor, speaker, and advocate for patients and loving caregivers going through cancer. A former journalist, Harvard-trained management consultant, hospital executive, and supporter to those in need, she brings a mix of science and compassion to the conversation, helping patients and loving caregivers discover why they feel the way they do, understand that those feelings are an expected part of the cancer experience, dip into the science behind those emotions, and most importantly, learn how to cope with it all. You can learn more about Cynthia at

Michelle Burleigh

Michelle Burleigh received an abrupt interruption to her financial career, when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer; acute promyelocytic leukemia. At the time of diagnosis, Michelle had less than a day left to live and the chances of surviving the first ten days of treatment was grim. After a twenty-six-month long battle, Michelle is now cancer free and determined to assist others by sharing her personal experience and insights. She gives impactful talks to raise awareness of acute blood cancers and the importance of self-advocacy, and seeks to influence a more patient-centric healthcare model using her more than ten years of experience in business process improvement. You can learn more about Michelle at

Shannan Lewis

Shannan Lewis earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She was an adjunct professor and university admissions counselor when cancer disrupted her life. Shannan was born in Jamaica but migrated to the US, where she has built a life in Orlando, FL. Fueled by her life’s philosophy, “Bloom where you’re planted”, she seeks to encourage, educate and empower lives through her ‘I Choose to Bloom’ platforms and events. Shannan is the mother of two teenagers who constantly drives her desire to live a passionate, productive purpose-filled life in order to model good citizenship and godly principles. You can learn more about Shannan at

David Richman

David is a transformation expert whose goal is to start conversations about the often-ignored emotional aspect of the cancer experience. David is the author of Cycle of Lives – 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer, among other books. His deep, relatable, and evocative storytelling of the real-life experiences of survivors, caregivers, loved-ones, and more, will help audiences better understand the emotional facets. David has completed 16 Ironman triathlons, 50 runs of more than 50 miles, and hundreds of endurance events, and brings his sport and life experience to the stage. You can learn more about David at

Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips is a champion for using kindness to overcome all of life’s difficulties, including her own battle with breast cancer. She spreads the message of the healing power of kindness as host of the weekly show The Kindness Podcast; through her weekly column Kindness is Contagious, which runs in newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota; and as a frequent guest on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Show. She is also the author of three books, Kindness is Contagious, Kindness is Courageous, and The Negativity Remedy. Nicole is married to her childhood sweetheart and has three kids who continually need her Uber services. You can learn more about Nicole at

To contact these speakers and nearly 300 more, register your event and gain access to the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster.

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