Don’t Forget to Document Your National Cancer Survivors Day Celebration

National Cancer Survivors Day® may look different this year, but it will no doubt be filled with special moments that everyone will want to remember. As we celebrate cancer survivors this Sunday, June 6, be sure to have a camera on hand to document what will certainly be an unforgettable Celebration of Life. 

While some people choose to hire a photographer for the day, you don’t have to be a professional to take incredible photos of your NCSD celebration.

Try these tips for taking great photos of National Cancer Survivors Day® 2021:

1. Tell a story.

The best NCSD photos will tell the story of your celebration from start to finish. Taking photos of key moments will help build a narrative of your Celebration of Life.

2. Make a plan.

Before your celebration begins, think about what photos you want to take. You may even want to make a list. If you’re hosting a socially distanced parade, make sure to capture people as they walk or drive by. For virtual events, ask cancer survivors to send you photos of their families celebrating at home.

3. Embrace the change.

Your NCSD 2021 celebration may look different from those in the past. And you may have to get creative with the photos you take. Look for the positive. Highlight the unique. Ditch the staged photos and embrace the candid shots. Capture the action, the tears, the laughs, the hands raised in triumph.

4. Remember to keep your distance.

When possible, try to keep at least six feet of distance between you and your subject. You can also ask people to send you their own photos from the day so you can combine them into one shared album.

5. Be selective.

With digital cameras, it’s easy to take hundreds of photos in one day. But that doesn’t mean you should share them all. Spend some time picking out the best ones to post or share. And make sure you send them to Coping® magazine!

Your NCSD photos could be featured in Coping with Cancer magazine.

Once again, Coping with Cancer magazine is featuring National Cancer Survivors Day® in its July/August issue. And your photos could be included.

If you’re celebrating NCSD this year, send the best digital photos of your Celebration of Life to Coping with Cancer magazine by the extended deadline of Wednesday, June 16 to be considered for its official coverage of National Cancer Survivors Day® 2021. Coping® has provided the following to help you prepare your entries:


Format: Close up, candid shots are preferred.
Photo Description: Provide a short description of each photo submitted; list people from left to right.
Digital Camera: Set your camera for the highest possible resolution (quality). Submit via email or file transfer service such as DropBox or WeTransfer.
Event Information: Please provide information about your event:

  • The name of the event host (sponsor) 
  • Event name 
  • Location (treatment center, park, etc.) 
  • City and state where event was held 

Also provide your contact information, including your name, organization, phone, and email.


* Email to: Send photos at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
* Send your DropBox, WeTransfer, or other file transfer link to:

* Email:
* Call: (615) 790-2400

By submitting your photo(s), you and your sponsoring organization(s) acknowledge that you have the rights to the photo(s) and grant permission to allow Coping and the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation to use submitted materials, in whole or in part, in print and electronic formats and for future publicity for National Cancer Survivors Day.

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