Tips for Finding the Perfect Speaker for Your Survivors Day Event

How to Find the Perfect Guest Speaker for Your Survivors Day Event – Top 5 Tips

A guest speaker can help set the tone for your NCSD event. That’s why it’s important to find the right person. Here are our top tips to help you find the perfect keynote speaker for your National Cancer Survivors Day® celebration.

1. Decide on the type of speaker you want. 

The type of speaker you choose will depend on what kind of NCSD event you’re hosting. Do you want a guest speaker who will make your audience laugh? Or is your event educational? Would you like a medical professional to share the latest in survivorship care? Or a cancer survivor who has an inspiring story to tell? Knowing what kind of speaker you want will help narrow down your search.

2. Search the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster for potential candidates.

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation has put together a handy tool to help you find the right speaker for your NCSD event – the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster. This online listing has booking information for nearly 275 public speakers, celebrities, cancer survivors, and medical professionals who are available to speak on topics of interest to cancer survivors. Register your event at to unlock your exclusive access.

3. Know your budget.

The cost of hiring a professional speaker can vary significantly. Though many factors may come into play, it essentially comes down to the speaker themselves. At the bottom end of the scale, fees may run as low as a few hundred dollars. On the upper end, experienced speakers who are seen as celebrities or major industry figures may have fees that are much higher.

4. Do your homework. 

Review the speaker’s website and/or social media pages. See if you can find videos of past presentations and speeches. Also, look for testimonials or ask the speaker for their professional résumé. Reach out to the speakers on your shortlist as early as possible.

5. Consider a local speaker.

To help with your budget, look for a local (or nearby) speaker so you don’t have to pay extra for travel and accommodation fees. The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster has a state-by-state listing to help you find a professional speaker near you. To unlock your exclusive access to the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster, all you need to do is register your Survivors Day event at

There you have it! Our top 5 tips for finding the right speaker for your National Cancer Survivors Day® event. For more, visit

Speaker Spotlight

Sean Swarner

Enter the extraordinary world of Sean Swarner: a living legend who’s ranked among history’s most inspiring figures. With multiple world records, he’s the focus of an Emmy-nominated Amazon Film and a sought-after presence on global media platforms like ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, and beyond.

He is the only individual in history to conquer Everest, summit the highest mountain on all 7 continents, ski to both Poles, and complete the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. This phenomenal feat unfolded after surviving not one, but two, terminal cancers, enduring a dire 14-day prognosis, and emerging from a year-long coma – with one lung. You can learn more about Sean at

Guerdy Abraira

Living and traveling around the world expanded Guerdy’s palette of global cultures. Outspoken and energetic, her Haitian heritage and Parisian hometown flair shaped her unique aesthetic and work ethic. Guerdy’s hard work paying off is evidenced by her many accolades, including being named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s Top Planners in the World and making the list of Vogue’s Best Wedding Planners.

Guerdy was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2023. She is currently focusing on battling the disease while finding time to be a motivational speaker and beacon for the cause on behalf of many cancer foundations. Guerdy lives in Florida with her two boys and husband of 20 years. You can learn more about Guerdy at

Rachael Yahne

Rachael Yahne is an award-winning writer, featured in CosmopolitanWomen’s Health, Seventeen, Huffington Post, The Seattle Times, and many more. Her life and work explore the miracles hidden in our hardest moments, inspiring insights of self-worth, individuality, and purpose.

Diagnosed with stage IVB Hodgkin lymphoma at 17, Rachael underwent an experimental new chemotherapy that saved her life. She went on to serve a year in Americorp after college, study yoga and meditation in the ashrams of South India, and today works as a senior writer for international fashion brands and nonprofits. You can learn more about Rachael at

Ashlee and Michael Cramer

Michael was an athlete on the Olympic Development Team for windsurfing and a freshman in college when he was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer in August 2020. Ashlee was a single, working mom of three, widowed after losing her husband to cancer in 2016. When Michael was diagnosed, Ashlee quit her career as a teacher to be Michael’s full-time caregiver.

The journey became a story to share, a purpose to fulfill. They started a podcast, Michael and Mom Talk Cancer, and soon after, a website, a blog, and a YouTube channel. They use social media, in particular TikTok and Instagram, to update and inspire, as well as motivational speaking within the cancer community. You can learn more about Michael and Ashlee at

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