Thank you for celebrating and supporting National Cancer Survivors Day 2024

Without people like you, National Cancer Survivors Day® would not be possible.

On Sunday, June 2, people around the world commemorated the 37th annual National Cancer Survivors Day®. In hundreds of cities throughout the nation – and across the globe – cancer survivors and supporters came together to celebrate life and let the world know that cancer survivorship isn’t about just being alive after cancer. It’s about living life as fully as possible. And it wouldn’t have happened without people like you.

Thank you to our NCSD event coordinators and our national supporters. 

We owe a huge thank-you to the NCSD event coordinators who spent countless hours planning Survivors Day events in their towns and cities. National Cancer Survivors Day® could not happen without your hard work and dedication in bringing this Celebration of Life to the cancer survivors in your communities. We cannot thank you enough for the work you do. 

We also want to thank the national supporters who played a vital role in making National Cancer Survivors Day® 2024 possible through their generous financial donations. NCSD 2024 was supported by

For more information on how to become an NCSD national supporter, visit

Thank you again from all of us at the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. 

Once again, thank you to everyone who supported and took part in National Cancer Survivors Day® 2024. 

NCSD exists to show the world that life after cancer is something to celebrate. And a better quality of life for all cancer survivors is worth fighting for. That’s why National Cancer Survivors Day® is also a call to action to address the physical, emotional, financial, and social burdens cancer survivors face because of their disease.

Even though NCSD 2024 has officially ended, bringing awareness to the issues of cancer survivorship is important every day of the year. We hope you continue to use your voice to advocate for cancer survivors. Not just on National Cancer Survivors Day®, but every day.

We want to hear from you!

If you hosted an NCSD celebration, we want to hear from you. How can we make National Cancer Survivors Day® even better? 

Please email your suggestions to with the subject line “NCSD Feedback”. We value your opinions and insight on how we can better help you celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day® in your community.

Save the Date for National Cancer Survivors Day® 2025!

The 38th annual National Cancer Survivors Day® will be held on Sunday, June 1, 2025. We’re already looking forward to celebrating with you next year! 

We’ll keep you updated on all things NCSD through this website and our newsletter. If you know someone who would like to take part in next year’s celebration, encourage them to sign up for the NCSD newsletter.

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