Ready to Find a Speaker for Your Event?

The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster can help you find the right person.

National Cancer Survivors Day® is coming up on Sunday, June 2!

Did you know that having a guest speaker can help set the tone for your Celebration of Life? To help you find the right person, the NCSD Foundation has put together a handy tool – the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster.

The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster has booking information for nearly 275 public speakers, celebrities, cancer survivors, and medical professionals who are available to speak at National Cancer Survivors Day® events, as well as other cancer-related programs held throughout the year.

Register your event at to unlock access to the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster, as well as other exclusive resources and materials. There is no cost or obligation when you register your event with the Foundation.

Speaker Spotlight

We’ve highlighted speakers below out of the nearly 275 that are included in our Roster.

Marie C. Zoutomou-Quintanilla

Marie C. Zoutomou-Quintanilla embodies resilience and inspiration, wearing multiple hats in her life journey. A breast cancer survivor, she’s a captivating inspirational speaker, accomplished author, and coach for overcoming life challenges with a positive attitude. She proudly serves as the visionary founder and CEO of Seek Coaching LLC, which exists to empower and uplift women, and MarieZQ Ministries, which focuses on spreading the gospel and inspiring positive change.

Marie has also fostered a decade-long relationship with the American Cancer Society. Through her volunteer work and numerous speaking engagements at ACS events, she continues to offer hope and support. You can learn more about Marie at

Rick Czaplewski

In his freshman year of college, Rick’s parents arrived unannounced at his dorm room door to tell him, “Son, you have Hodgkin’s Disease – cancer.” After a 3-year fight including chemo, radiation, and a relapse, Rick’s doctor pronounced him cancer-free.

Now a 27-year survivor, he took his second chance and climbed Mt. Rainier, ran the Boston Marathon, swam from Alcatraz to shore 12 times, and more. He has a college-aged son, Lance, and has written Better Dirty Than Done, a book about survivorship. He has spoken to large and small audiences, including students, survivors, and physicians. So, buckle up! It’s time to “Get Living Again!” You can learn more about Rick at

Diane M. Simard

Diane M. Simard, an inaugural Top 100 National Women in Business to Watch, is an eight-year survivor of late stage III breast cancer, motivational speaker, and advocates to bring more attention and resources to the psychological trauma caused by cancer.

She is the author of The Unlikely Gift of Breast Cancer (named one of the “Best Breast Cancer Books of All Time” by BookAuthority), and founder of the Center for Oncology Excellence (COPE) at the University of Denver. Diane hosts The Unlikely Gifts podcast and is a patient advisor for a digital therapeutics company. You can learn more about Diane at

Victoria Cramer

A 3-time breast cancer survivor, author, and inspirational speaker, Victoria is hailed for her humorous, practical approach to being a warrior. Her talks combine her decades of leading global teams and her experience in being a winning athlete, juggling twins, and battling stage IV cancer.

Raised in the hotel industry, Victoria has 30 years experience running hotels and hotel companies and is known for building winning teams. You can find her impacting several of Marriott’s core brands, keynote speaking, and coaching on health and wellness strategies. She is the author of Living Life Loudly – How Will You Face Your Speed Bump? and Do Epic Shit: The Power of Showing Up. You can learn more about Victoria at

Anna Crollman

As a newlywed, Anna was diagnosed with aggressive triple-positive breast cancer at age 27. She is now an 8-year breast cancer survivor and infertility warrior, plus a stylish mom to two miracle children.

Anna is the founder of My Cancer Chic, helping other women own their unique story, step into their authentic self, and thrive through cancer with self-love, wellness, and style. My Cancer Chic is a community for young women facing cancer and landing space for resources to navigate breast cancer, infertility, self-confidence, and style. Anna has also served on the CDC’s advisory committee on Breast Cancer in Young Women. You can learn more about Anna at

Felicia Mycyk

Award-winning community advocate, football player turned coach, entrepreneur, community journalist, cancer survivor, and mother of four, Felicia shares personal stories of overcoming internal and external struggles, drawing on those experiences to inspire others to persevere through their own challenges and on their journey to success.

She utilizes fundamental sport coaching techniques to help individuals, young people, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams reach an unprecedented level of self-leadership, empowering them to lead themselves and lead others. Felicia’s passion is to help others discover their full potential and amplify the leader within them. You can learn more about Felicia at

Eric Dunlap

Eric Dunlap is a motivational speaker and life coach. His goal every time he speaks is to encourage, empower, and inspire. He engages the audience in a personal dialogue, which establishes his resonating message. Invitations to speak by corporations, universities, and organizations enable Eric to share his message of hope and success.

A cancer survivor for 20+ years, he has been featured on news programs, radio interviews, and several cable programs. Eric is a notable keynote speaker who involves the audience in conversational yet thought-provoking discussions. Eric promotes mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. You can learn more about Eric at

Catherine Gregory

Professional flutist, and young breast cancer survivor, Catherine Gregory shares the way in which her own cancer experience forged her creative initiative, entitled “Just Breathe.” Part storytelling, part creative expression, part exploration of the human spirit, “Just Breathe” entwines different cancer experiences through music and the essential life force of breath.

“Just Breathe” aims to stimulate the creative expression of participants and, via musical elements, ground their focus on the essential life-affirming currency of their own breath. You can learn more about Catherine at

Brandi Benson

Brandi Benson is an award-winning speaker/storyteller, the author of The Enemy Inside Me, an Iraqi War Veteran, an award recipient from the Sarcoma Foundation of America, and the founder and CEO of Resume-Advantage.

In 2009, Brandi was given one year to live and diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer – Ewing sarcoma, a cancer which can spread to your lungs, brain, and spinal cord. She now uses her platform to provide a blueprint of strategies and resources that survivors, their loved ones, and anyone struggling with “an enemy” can use to take charge of their healing and wellness. Brandi has spoken for Rolls-Royce, Bristol Myers Squibb, Smith & Nephew, Salesforce, and many more. You can learn more about Brandi at

Gina Vild

Gina Vild, coauthor of The Two Most Important Days: How to Find your Purpose and Live a Happier, Healthier Life, coaches on cultivating resilience when confronting adversity. She encourages survivors to embrace realistic expectations, explains how fully living in the present can be powerful self-care, teaches them how to redirect their thoughts as a way to manage emotional responses, and urges them to map out a new vision for their future.

She most recently served at Harvard Medical School as associate dean and chief communications officer; is on the board of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association, supporting those with inherited cancers; and blogs for Psychology Today. You can find Gina on social media at @GinaVild.

Andrew Bridge

Andrew Bridge spent 11 years in Los Angeles County foster care. After aging out, he attended Wesleyan University, graduated from Harvard Law School, and became a Fulbright Scholar. Returning to Los Angeles, he represented foster children where he grew up. He also cofounded National Adoption Day and New Village Girls Academy for pregnant teens. His memoir Hope’s Boy is a New York Times bestseller.

A highly sought-after speaker, Andrew is a lecturer, panelist, and keynote presenter on resilience and illness. He is also a two-time cancer survivor, first Hodgkin’s disease in his 20s and, most recently, colorectal cancer. You can learn more about Andrew at

Teresa Rhyne

NY Times bestselling author and breast cancer survivor Teresa Rhyne has let her life go to the dogs – literally! Diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer soon after her rescued beagle, Seamus, was diagnosed with his own cancer, Teresa adopted the mantra of “The dog lived and so will I.”

She chronicled the ups and downs of surgery, chemo, radiation, starting her own law firm, and finding romance in her memoir The Dog Lived (And So Will I). Today, Teresa brings her humor to audiences around the U.S., speaking about surviving cancer and “focusing on the cookie,” just like Seamus taught her. You can learn more about Teresa at

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