How to Get Your National Cancer Survivors Day Photos Featured in Coping with Cancer Magazine

As thousands gathered this year for National Cancer Survivors Day® in hundreds of communities across the globe, cancer survivors were honored, survivorship issues were brought to the forefront, and people around the world joined together to celebrate life. It was a beautiful day, and we hope your NCSD festivities went off without a hitch.

We also hope you took lots of great photos!

Your National Cancer Survivors Day® photos could be featured in Coping with Cancer magazine.

Once again, Coping with Cancer magazine is featuring National Cancer Survivors Day® in its July/August issue. And your NCSD photos could be included – maybe even on the cover.

If you hosted an NCSD event this year, send the best digital photos of your Survivors Day event to Coping with Cancer magazine ( by Monday, June 12, to be considered for its official coverage of National Cancer Survivors Day® 2017.

We’d love to see photos from as many different National Cancer Survivors Day® events as we can in Coping with Cancer magazine’s NCSD coverage. So, make sure to send in your best shots.

I took hundreds of photos at our NCSD event. Which ones should I submit?

For starters, go ahead and weed out any photos that

  • Are blurry, fuzzy, or unfocused
  • Have visual or physical clutter that detracts from the main subject; things “growing” out of people’s heads; or an unsightly background (for example, garbage cans, a porta-potty, plates of half-eaten food)
  • Feature people with unflattering facial expressions (such as while eating or with eyes closed) or in awkward poses

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all those, it’s time to narrow it down to your top few. We suggest submitting around 10 photos of your NCSD event. (You can send more if you have a variety of really great pics.) Try picking a range of shots that tell the story of your National Cancer Survivors Day® event – from beginning to end. And go ahead and include a snapshot of your entire group if you have one.

Here are some examples from previous Coping with Cancer magazine covers to give you an idea of what the editorial team is looking for.

  • Choose photos that have lots of action.
Cancer survivors and their loved ones, along with caregivers at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, celebrate on June 7 during the Cancer Survivors’ Day event at the Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center in Stuart.
  • Or photos with emotional appeal.
  • Choose photos that make a statement about your Celebration of Life.

Coping has provided the following submission guidelines to help you prepare your National Cancer Survivors Day® photo entries:


  • Format: Close up, candid shots are preferred. Front cover candidates should have a vertical format and space left at the top for the Coping logo. Inside coverage candidates can be vertical or horizontal.
  • Photo Description: Provide a short description of each photo submitted; list people from left to right.
  • Digital Camera: Set your camera for the highest possible resolution (quality). Submit via email; CD; or for large files, via FTP.
  • Event Information: Please provide information about your event:
    •  The name of the event host (sponsor) 
    •  Event name
    •  Location (treatment center, park, etc.) 
    •  City and state where event was held

Also provide your contact information, including your name, organization, phone, and email.  


  • Email to: Send photos at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Overnight digital photos to: Coping NCSD Issue, 1107 Lakeview Drive, Suite C-2, Franklin, TN 37067.
  • Mail digital photos to: Coping NCSD Issue, P.O. Box 682268, Franklin, TN 37068-2268.
  • To send digital photos by FTP: contact


Note: Due to the high volume received, materials, including but not limited to event information, photos, and computer disks, will not be returned. Coping is not responsible for lost, damaged, or unreturned materials. By submitting your photo(s), you and your sponsoring organization(s) acknowledge that you have the rights to the photo(s) and grant permission to allow Coping and the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation to use submitted materials, in whole or in part, in print and electronic formats and for future publicity for National Cancer Survivors Day.

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