Have You Booked a Guest Speaker for National Cancer Survivors Day?

The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster can help you find the right person.

National Cancer Survivors Day® is coming up on Sunday, June 4!

Did you know that having a guest speaker can help set the tone for your Celebration of Life? To help you find the right person, the NCSD Foundation has put together a handy tool – the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster.

The NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster has booking information for nearly 250 public speakers, celebrities, cancer survivors, and medical professionals who are available to speak at National Cancer Survivors Day® events, as well as other cancer-related programs held throughout the year.

Register your event at ncsd.org/register to unlock access to the NCSD Speakers Bureau Roster, as well as other exclusive resources and materials. There is no cost or obligation when you register your event with the Foundation.

Speaker Spotlight

We’ve highlighted speakers below out of the nearly 250 that are included in our Roster.

Lauren Hudson

Lauren is known as “The Queen of Happy.” She is an Emmy Award-winning reporter, two-time cancer survivor (breast & colorectal), and author of A Whole New Happy. She is also certified in “The Science of Happiness and Well-Being” from several major universities.

Lauren is a powerhouse speaker and a true inspiration. She shares practical and innovative strategies for facing life’s challenges and creating happiness no matter what. Her humor and heartfelt stories, along with her enthusiasm and authenticity, instantly connect with people from all walks of life. When Lauren speaks, audiences listen, laugh, and learn. You can learn more about Lauren at LaurenHudson.com.

Charlie Lustman

Motivational singer, speaker, and cancer survivor, Charlie Lustman has been sharing his musical message of overcoming difficult life challenges ever since he graduated from the chemo chair back in 2007. Charlie composed songs about his journey during his 11 months of chemo, with a vision to share his music with everyone touched by cancer in America.

With his brightly painted “love” guitar, Charlie has been on the road visiting hospitals, cancer centers, conferences, and survivor events throughout the USA, on a mission to support those going through the journey. Charlie says, “It’s not about how much time we have on the planet, but what we do with the time we have – so let’s enjoy the ride!” You can learn more about Charlie at MadeMeNuclear.com.

Dr. Monica “Moe” Anderson

Dr. Anderson is the working model of a “warrior” survivor. She’s an entrepreneur, author, speaker, journalist, doting grandmother, and licensed dental surgeon. In 2012, she had no idea she was about to receive a diagnosis that would be life altering. With two abdominal surgeries and oral chemo, she did not feel like a “survivor” initially. However, after consulting the dictionary, survivor means “to continue to live; a person alive after an event in which others have died; to exist.” It means – right now – we’re alive with an opportunity to make the best of this day.

She became inspired to share her story, including strategies to maintain balance when the world turns upside down. You can learn more about Dr. Anderson at DrMoeAnderson.com.

Diane M. Simard

Diane M. Simard, an inaugural Top 100 National Women in Business to Watch, is an eight-year survivor of late stage III breast cancer, motivational speaker, and advocates to bring more attention and resources to the psychological trauma caused by cancer.

She is the author of The Unlikely Gift of Breast Cancer (named one of the “Best Breast Cancer Books of All Time” by BookAuthority), and founder of the Center for Oncology Excellence (COPE) at the University of Denver. Diane hosts The Unlikely Gifts podcast and is a patient advisor for a digital therapeutics company. You can learn more about Diane at DianeMSimard.com.

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