National Cancer Survivors Day 2019 T-Shirts and Keepsakes Available Now Through NCSD Merchandise Catalog

National Cancer Survivors Day® t-shirts, keepsakes, and official merchandise are now available for purchase from the NCSD Merchandise Catalog

Each year, the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation carefully selects unique keepsakes, souvenirs, and other items especially for cancer survivors attending National Cancer Survivors Day® events. These items are made available to organizations hosting registered National Cancer Survivors Day® celebrations. By acting as a collective buying agent, the Foundation helps NCSD event coordinators avoid the hassle and added expense of trying to find and purchase Survivors Day souvenirs by offering them quality products at a low price.

To order National Cancer Survivors Day® t-shirts and merchandise, those hosting NCSD events in their local communities must register their event with the NCSD Foundation. Event coordinators will have access to the 2019 NCSD Merchandise Catalog, along with ordering information for free Welcome Brochures, Cancer Survivors Guides, and copies of Coping with Cancer magazine to distribute at their local event.

Items available to order from the 2019 NCSD Merchandise Catalog include:

  • Official National Cancer Survivors Day® 2019 t-shirts
  • Nametags 
  • National Cancer Survivors Day® 2019 commemorative buttons
  • Notepads and pens
  • NCSD banners and balloons
  • Softside insulated six-pack coolers
  • 24 oz. sports bottles

The deadline to order National Cancer Survivors Day® merchandise is April 1, 2019. 

Merchandise is available only to NCSD event coordinators who have registered their local Survivors Day event with the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. There is no cost or obligation to register. Visit for more information.

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